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Thread: access to red shirt lake?

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    Default access to red shirt lake?

    kinda bad planning on my part but i just now realized that there is a 3 mile hike from the parking lot at red shirt lake? i am assuming there is no way to get a motored boat there? i also read something online at the parks and rec site but that site is almost worthless in info and the phone numbers don't work. are there canoes available to rent at the lake, or am i going to have to bring my own and carry it the 3 miles there? looking to get some pike fishing in saturday and i'd really appreciate a quick response. thanks so much!!!

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    Default Redshirt Trail

    Yes, I did it the year before last, it's about 6 miles round trip, easy trail. My son and I took mountain bikes there and fished. If you call Tippecanoe (don't know the #) you can use a canoe there, they have a dozen or so of them at the lake. Have fun.
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    to get a motor boat in there you need a strong back or a float plane, unless you wanna stash one in the woods midwinter witha snowmobile. An electric motor would be nice but a long haul in with that battery and a boat..
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    Tippy Canoe (907)495-6688; Cell (907)355-6687 They have a building at South Rolly Lake (the end of the road); this is where I always make contact with them. Cost was $32/day for a canoe (with out portage device) this year. Most of their canoes are Coleman, but I rented one on Rhine Lake that was an Old Town.

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    Years ago I told my friend that it was an easy hike into the lake. Then, based on my testimony, he and a friend carried a canoe in there!

    The people they passed coming the other way all gave them strange looks....and, finally, they ended up ditching the canoe in the woods. It might still be there!

    I did say it was an easy hike! I did not say anything about packing a canoe!


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