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Thread: Kodiak Blacktail Winter Kill

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    Default Kodiak Blacktail Winter Kill

    Has anybody heard how the deer faired through last winter?


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    Default winter kill

    I've been hunting Kodiak for the past 15 years and pay pretty close attention to the weather all year long. Last winter every time I logged on to Kodiaks weather cam all I saw was snow - which is very unsuall. A friend of mine went bear hunting on Kodiak this spring and reported that he thought the deer numbers were way down. I also called a pilot friend of mine whom lives in Kodiak and he said he thought last winter was pretty bad (one of the worst he's seen) - I spoke with fish and game in Kodiak and as usuall they told me the deer weren't hurt too bad - they said they same thing the last time there was a major die off. I don't have a lot of confidence in their management of the deer. I would suspect that the big bucks will be few and far between this year. I plan to skip Kodiak this year. Good luck...


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