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Thread: 6,5 Swede

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    Default 6,5 Swede

    Anyone have a "pet" midrange (200-300m) load for their 6,5x55? Caribou class round maybe? Much obliged...

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    Default 6.5 swede

    will pull the load today, 140 grain remington pspclkt, 2899 mv, out of 23 inch
    1906 barrel m96 sporterized, about .75 for three rounds at 100 yds.
    I pulled the projected ballistics from a calculation table on line, JBM? on some site called will look that up for you also.
    Over 1000 ft lbs beyond 400 yds.
    No pressure signs on brass, still moderate recoil, oal cartridge length 2.84?
    I mimicked the oacl for the Remington Factory ammo which is moa out of all my swedes; which are all military ; only one sporterized.


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