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Thread: Better meetup forum?

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    Default Better meetup forum?

    First, before I jump the gun, is there a virtual meeting place for connecting people wanting to do trips, needing partners, open slots, etc? The only thing I have found is the 'open seat' post on this fishing forum -- and it doesn't seem very active or spawn much activity.

    First, all the BOLD and red lettering warning of all the donts are a deterrent and pretty uninviting. Second, the biggest problem of all with the Open Seat not allowing people to put out their wishes for a partner, or wanting to go out etc. I can imagine some of the reasons behind this, guides might not like it, people mooching for rides, to be trained, no one has taken the idea head-on and created something, etc...

    But I think there is room for people wishing to be taken or wanting a partner. Maybe everyone has a partner for every trip they do. I dont and having a forum to post to would be very helpful.

    With Open Seat forum, which is by it's very name limited to boating, is very limited. Allowing people to put out there wishes for a partner or wanting to get on a boat or fishing trip, seems like a good idea. If someone wishes to be taken, they have to present themselves as a worthwhile person to be taken and the boat owner/potential partner can make some sort of decision without even having to advertise. Whereas under the current format, the boat owner has to post they want someone to come and it is a more akward situation to have to tell someone 'no' if the boat owner doesn't feel comfortable with the person.

    I have done a fair bit of sport sailing in San Francisco and the East Coast. All of these places have forums for boat owners and potential crewmen to meet up and organize -- with both parties able to post their needs. The system works well and I think this type of thing should be considered here...

    Again, I may be jumping the gun because this sort of meetup (virtual) place already exists.

    Any thoughts appreciated...

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