My post about e-piracy under title of change of policy was not meant to indict anyone on this forum. Obviously the culprit visits or has visited ODD but is not presently a member.

Nukalpiaq and I have worked together, openly here on the shooting forum and in private working out details about our new cartridge. We have had many exchanges of information in regard to this cartridge. He has been excited about this and posted about it on other forums to direct attention to this forum, but has always given me full credit for it, even though it is a joint effort. He is not now nor has he ever been involved in attempting to take credit for this or any other aspect of my developments or intellectual property. Some of you may have seen his posting, under the Nukalpiaq name, on other forums but all that was just to draw attention to his new 358 Nukalpiaq cartridge. It was not to assume credit for its development. I have posted many details of several of the cartridges I have wildcatted here and on other forums and some of them have been pirated to such detail that I could tell they were mine. To date the 358 Nukalpiaq hasn't been plagiarized.

Please do not cast disparaging comment towards an upstanding member who contributes significantly to this forum content in a positive way.