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Thread: Gas on the Yukon

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    Default Gas on the Yukon

    Any one know the cost and availability of gas at Tanana and Galena? Going to be up there in mid September.

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    Gas in Galena is about $4.70, heard it was going up soon. I will find out about Tanana's price tonight and post it.

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    Both Tanana and Galena normally have gas during hunting season. When it comes to the price, when you think about it the price doesnt matter if you need gas there is only one place to get it. When I plan my Yukon trips I assume the price of gas will be 2X the price in Fairbanks.

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    Default yukon prices

    I called Tanana Commercial yesterday. They have lots of gas and the price is $4.99/gal. Galena on the river is over $5.00. I heard about $5.15. Crowley has it for $4.70 something. I need to call to see if they deliver to the river and into drums. Those prices were given to me on Monday. I tried to get ahold of Ruby but no luck yet. Sometimes the gas is cheaper.
    We will be hauling most of our gas. Our one way trip to camp and then back to GAL will take about 260 gallons (1900lbs +/-). 75 more gallons (another 525lbs) would get me home.
    At 2800 to 3000 lbs I can run really well. I just am not sure about 3500. We just might need to do a little testing before we go. Might need to use that 17 pitch prop afterall.


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