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Thread: Need transporter into Selawik

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    Default Need transporter into Selawik

    Iím looking for a transporter that can drop off two guys for a moose hunt this fall into the Selawik area. Any ideas or referrals would be appreciated.


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    Thumbs up Ait transport in Selawik


    I just ran across this question. Any time you need something in NW Alaska drop me a PM and I will shoot you in the right direction. This is very late but contact Jim Kinkide at NW Aviation or try Lee at Lee Sea Air in Kiana. Leeís number is 907-475-2101.

    Good luck

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    Default Why Selawik?

    I spent a couple seasons in Selawik, building the new cross-winds runway. It was my experience that you had to travel further to get to good hunting than say, Noorvik or even better Kiana!

    Another good bet if you have access to a good raft (check out the last post) would be to get dropped off at Ambler or Shungnak on the kobuk river and float to Kiana or Noorvik. Take a GOOD map and a reliable GPS though.

    Great carribou, brown/black bear, and moose hunting, there are a lot of fox too. And you get to check out the Kobuk sand dunes.

    In Kiana, there is an air taxi "Lee's Sea Air" I flew with him a lot when I was working up there. OOPS! just noticed that I duplicated that last post. That's how good Lee is though!


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