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Thread: Moose Hunting Blues...Yukon Range Closed Again

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    Angry Moose Hunting Blues...Yukon Range Closed Again

    The Fort Wainwright website has the closing schedule and a map, but the two don't seem to jive, or I am getting too old to understand. Anyone else plan on hunting there? Looks like everything (but active ranges) are open 5 September, then there are only two small areas open 10-30 Sept. It gets worse and worse every year. I know I've been spoiled, remembering the good times before 9/11... but why every year during the first 2 weeks of September??. I'm a 20 year AF vet, so please no patriotic speeches, just wondering why 1-15 September can't be more flexible. Oh well.... I better get one before the 5th!.

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    Default I

    got your back! It used to be so easy to go out an hunt those areas. The drastic change came when the srtikers did. They are the reason it is closed so much more.

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    Default just my thoughts

    Rumor has it, that the man at the top isn't into hunting, therefore he makes it tougher on those who like to hunt. Elmendorf used to go up there and do a drop off hunt every year--but 3 years ago do to change they had to cancel--the hunt used to book in 15 minutes at the outdoor rec shop. I hunted that area 3 years ago with a troop, he had done a bunch of scouting and a week before season everything was closed up due to exercises. Could be that this is all just coinicidence, or just nasty rumors--either way, I saved my money and was dropped off by an air charter--the only way to go in my opinion.

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by gobblinfool View Post
    Rumor has it, that the man at the top isn't into hunting, therefore he makes it tougher on those who like to hunt......
    The DPW Conservation Officer usually has the authority to regulate hunting and trapping on post lands, and Conservation Officers tend to be of the greenie type.

    In times past, with coyotes running about everywhere (even inside some of the motor pool shops) some of us looked into trapping/hunting them. We were aggressively warned against even thinking about it, and we were told why in plain English. They even work against the Entomology shop when they deal with beavers blocking culverts, swallows building nests on family housing buildings, rogue squirrels, etc.

    Twenty-five years ago there were no Environmental Branches in Army DPW organizations. Now they have the power to block just about everything.

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    Default Gobblin Fool is right on!

    I have had the misfortune of being present for speaches made by the higher-ups, and they're contents included the doing away with the "Hunting and Fishing Brigade" frame of mind from here on out! It isnt just Ft. Wainwright, I'm talking U.S Army Alaska level. They dont want our kind stationed here any longer. It's frustrating because I feel it from both sides. Being a soldier, and Hunter.......... it's really unfortunate, and do to the Iraq deployments and the upcoming training schedule, most of us will have missed 3 consecutive moose season's. I know we all volunteered, I "GOT IT", but I mean we are only talking about 15 days here guys! And what training do we really accomplish during that time period that we couldn't of accomplished at another time? Moral would definately improve that's for sure! The original "Hunting and Fishing BDE" was smart enough to make it work, so why cant we? Anyway, my two cents worth................ and now a days, it isnt even worth that much! Good luck to all those able to hunt this year, and have a safe and successful time in the bush................
    Be safe, and enjoy your time outdoors!
    Mountain Man

    "I'm not here for a long time! I'm here for a good time!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    When arriving on my forth and last tour to Eielson I was briefed by the BCE Commander, before I was even able to report in to CBPO. The Commander told me that there was a problem with hunting and fishing on this base and it had to be brought under control. He told me to be aware of the conversations going on around me, and to stop any that pertained to hunting and fishing. I just sat there listening and did not say anything. The next day he became furious when he was introduced to me by an old friend, who just happened to brag about how many Moose and Caribou I had killed on my previous tours to Eielson. Then he told the Boss that I lived to hunt, again that did not go over well. Needless to say I was on his black list for the next two years, till he left. Luckily the New Wing Commander (I had been stationed at Holloman AFB with him, My wife was his First Sgt there) knew me, I had taken him on a hunting trip in New Mexico the year before and got him a nice Elk, so he kept the BCE off my back most of the time.

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    This is my first duty station but what I have been told by my PSG and others about how it use to be is that Sept, everything just shut down. And that there use to be alot of 3 and 4 day weekends to hunt and fish. I remember in Feb of this year when the BDE commander was already talking about huge FTXs in Sept and how no moose season, but he said it with this attitude of like you shouldn't be allowed to hunt anyways. That didn't sit well with alot of the guys getting back from the deployment, already missing the last two.

    Also it is ridicolous the regulations on firearms and Soldiers. First of all by regs we are not allowed to EVER carry a concealed weapon on us up here in Alaska. Next Soldiers have to go through a nut roll to get their own weapons out of the arms room. Most of my guys said it wasn't worth it and just sold their weapons. They are making it harder and harder for Soldiers to enjoy themselves. Plus I know we signed the dotted line and that took away some rights but gave us others, but we are still Americans and have rights like the 2nd amendment to let us bear arms, not just as Soldiers but as citizens as well.

    my 2 cents.

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    Thumbs up Getting Out

    This is why I am getting out of the Air Force in 2 years (Aug 09). It will be my halfway point, ten years of service. Like everybody is saying, it keeps getting worse. Going to finish college in my area of interest and live happily thereafter.

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    You guys today simply cannot imagine how it was a few short years ago. Just to name a few places that the military had it made, and the transportation was provided for free, via hops. Lodging and ground transportation was also provided. Meals, all free. The military presense allowed a lot of guys and gals some wonderful opportunities. Such a shame it has all come to pass. Now if you guys are lucky, they might let you hunt rabbits and grouse, if you can work around the restrictions.
    Arctic Valley: Why do you think the old tank trails meandered all through the area? And the powerline/gasline road going to the headwaters of Campbell Creeks? There were BIG moose in those areas and the guys needed access.
    King Salmon, Cold Bay, Galena, Kotz, Bethel, Spirivon, Dry Creek, Eagle (the pass was full of caribou then), Across the Tanana from Wainwright. At Spirvon, there was even a lodge, with yardage markers placed at intervals, that provided for long range shooting of caribou on the pass. The Hercs, Hueys, Jeeps and duce and a halfs, all had their place and uses at these locations. It was great. Kodiak was enjoyed by many many GI's, all for free. The Eskimo Scout Battalions knew the local game and were a huge help, for all that made it out there. Otherwise, you were reliant to depend on the poor saps stationed at the remote locations to assist, and they always did. Times have really changed and the attitudes even more so. Oh yeah, Have you ever noticed how much the Russian River Campground resembles bivoac area and the large center layout a landing zone? Well that is exactly what it started out as. And who built the Izzak Walton Rifle Range? Who had the dozers and manpower to built it and put a road to it? It was a real good deal for the troops and the locals. I could go on but no need, as it is all history now.

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    Default september blues

    Its closed beacuse i will be training there starting the 10th, we got the raw deal, we will be in the field thr rest of the september training. Trust me we dont want to be there anymore than you want us there.

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    Thumbs up I respect the reason

    I did 20 years, I understand the call to duty and had my share of suck a## assignments that screwed up my private time too. Nobody blames you and we MUST be prepared to fight terror. I only wish there were more open days. Best of luck training, and if you go over,...kick some a## and get back home safe bro.

    Gary B MSgt AF (ret)

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    We all feel for ya....I got out back in '89....shortly after Ranger school. It sure ain't the same miltary today that it was then....

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishnMan View Post
    I did 20 years, I understand the call to duty and had my share of suck a## assignments that screwed up my private time too. Nobody blames you and we MUST be prepared to fight terror. I only wish there were more open days.....
    There's a gang of guys coming home soon. They won't make it for this year's hunting season, but they've been hunting aplenty recently.

    What they need is a big block leave situation. I'm hoping they get it immediately. They deserve it.

    I met a fellow the other day on Ft. Rich. He's National Guard. He's deploying in a few days. He appeared ready for whatever.

    He goes with my prayers and good will.

    ....Best of luck training, and if you go over,...kick some a## and get back home safe bro.....
    Yeah. Same from me.


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