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Thread: Shore fishing Silvers in Valdez

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    Default Shore fishing Silvers in Valdez

    I'm thinking about going to Valdez this weekend and fishing from the shore for some Silvers. I'm wanting/needing any help that you guys will give me. I would like to know what set up is sucessful from shore and approximately where to go once i get there. This will be my first time in Valdez so I have no idea where good spots are. I pre-appoligize if this topic has been beat to death. I have heard pixiee's work well, I'd just like to know what to take and where to go. I don't need anyones "hot spot" though. Thanks to any replies

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    Default Allison Point

    Allison Point is producing. My neighbor was filleting 12 last night with his dad. They were using chartruse Vibrex spinners in size 3. A 2 or a 4 will also probably work.

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