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Thread: Average Time Off

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    Default Average Time Off

    I Know This Question May Be Different For Everyone Especially With The Limited Amount Of Time Off That People Get Since Everyone Wants This Time Off, But How Long Do You Usually Take For A Moose Hunt. How Long Until You Are Successful?

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    Default A week

    I'm taking a week off.

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    We usually take a work week off, so our actual hunt is 7-8 days. We are usually successful in 1-3 days. This year I'm not taking any time off and am hunting weekends only in 14 A & B; I'm hoping for a little luck this year!


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    Default FF schedule

    I work a firefighter schedule so I am takeing 5 days off and get 15 consecutive for an 11 day float hunt. Plus a few commuteing days.

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    Alaska - 18 Days starting tomorrow! (followed by 10 days back at home/work and 10 days in MT chasing elk & mulies). WITH a supportive wife. Dang I'm a lucky guy!

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    Default 2 days

    I get 2 days off per school year, for a 4 day weekend. Talk about SUCKING! Success is almost always 100% though!

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    Default Northway

    What about all those "inservice" days. We all know that's just teacher speak for "day off." :-)

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    There was one odd year when the river froze mid-september and it took til late December to get a moose. Last year it took fifteen long days to finally fill the meat shed. Time off? What's that all about <grin>.

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    Default time afield

    I work in the medical field and I'm able to make my own schedule so I'm quite lucky, I'll be taking two weeks off and enjoying the piece and quiet and doing some fishing and if I'm lucky take a moose..........

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    Default That's funny!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fullcurl View Post
    What about all those "inservice" days. We all know that's just teacher speak for "day off." :-)
    Not sure about inservice anywhere else, but inservice here means you will be at the school participating in whatever the district has planned for those days. Inservice days are what they call "professional development" and can be many things, but they are NEVER days off! Those days are scheduled at the beginning of the school year and then a couple of days during the school year. Usually in October and March.

    I get 2 personal days off per year to do with what I like. Some school districts get 4 days off per year. I can take leave without pay, but at $300+ per day, that gets a little steep! Sick leave is impossible to use as it is best to have an appointment of some type! I haven't found any dentists or doctors out where I hunt! I actually have a buddy who is a dentist..... maybe I should take him along and then it could be justified! Problem solved!

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    Talking Not teacher bashing

    Wow, tough district!

    Our teachers get 2 weeks off @ Christmas, a week off for spring break, a bunch of holidays and 3 months off in the summer and 2 personal days.

    Just kidding Northway, I know how much you guys work.


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    Default Bash Away!!!

    As a teacher, the 3 best parts of my job are June, July and August!!! Actually, last year we had to start reporting to work on the 15th- which cut sheep hunting short- but I'm 2 for 2 in that department so far and have been at work the first day both times!!! We do have nice schedules- and we are compensated fairly, IMO, I know some teachers complain about pay- but we knew what we were getting into- I make a decent living and have lots of time to enjoy everything our state has to offer!!!!

    As far as Moose hunting goes- I try and get it taken care of on weekends- and with a plane we are always 100% successful (although sometimes it takes more than 1 weekend).

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    Default I guess you are right

    You are right. I guess I don't look at having the summer off. I am more or less unemployed during that time. I won't complain about it as it is nice, but give me September off and I would happy as a clam! We have that time off as you say. I guess as a hunting fool, I don't look at those days off as being very useful to me as most hunting seasons are already over during those times! I usually have to cram a hunt in a weekend and as you know that sucks and doesn't leave me a lot of time for error especially when it comes time for providing meat for the family I envy those who can take 20 days off when they want! I would gladly trade time off during Christmas for a week off in September! I can only change this once I retire!

    Spoiled teacher??? Possibly so, but it is a profession that is challenging, rewarding, yet frustrating. I hope that I am making a positive influence on young people. It is one of the "few" and stress "few" professions that EXPECT you to work many hours without being compensated in any way and that is the way it is. It is very unfortunate, but don't see any changes in it. It will only become a tougher and tougher profession to fill with new teachers. Until Alaska is back up on par with salary and benefits, things can only regress.

    This obviously got away from the thread! Better get back focused on time off.

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    Default Moose Days

    This year we will have 8 hunting days scheduled for our hunt. Since we have a satellite phone, meat preservation should be no problem. For floaters though, a precaution - if you schedule a long enough float (say 12 days) and get lucky early - you could have a major problem.If weather turns warm & wet, keeping meat from spoiling over 9 or 10 days becomes VERY difficult.

    Why isn't everything EASY???

    ps. I'm retired so after my Alaska moose hunt, I have an antelope/mule deer hunt in Wyoming and then another moose hunt in New Hampshire.
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    Default 13 days

    my float hunt starts in just under 1 week and will be 13 days till take out.

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    Thumbs up

    We get three weeks a year and we can bank them up to 720 hours .
    My overtime I converted to comp time and have been using that on most of my hunts .
    Took three weeks off for spring Kodiak brown bear and in 4 days I leave for a fly in float hunt took a month off for that .
    I will take two weeks for Kodiak deer hunt in November . That will leave me about 436 hours to work back up .Love that comp ..
    I need a vacation !!!!!!!

    Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
    Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!


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    Default got time this year

    Bin plannin this year since last, the time off at least. Got the full 2 weeks.
    Good Luck Guys!

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    Default Longer the better

    My hunt this yr is 22 days off - 17 days in the field - 14 days to hunt

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    Default 3 weeks off. Aug 29th-Sept 19d

    I got 21 days off this year almost all of moose season. August 29th i got off the slope and I got back on the 19th. I know I miss the last two best days off moose season, but hey I can't have it all.


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