Because in about an hour in stepping out of the office and into the marsh
Yes I hunt the hay flats. And for those of you that do too. let's play nice. leave you drama at home please! There may be some people you don't like out there. Leave it at that. And I know we will have some bad eggs out there ,shooting before time, shooting from moving boat, ect. Unless you wear a badge (sorry you do need one) do nothing. I'm sure our friends from the USF&G will be out there with us. It's their job, tell them. Also for those that use rabbit slough let's slow it down for other boats ocupied or not. There is no need to race. if your late, well I guess you should of gotten up sooner. It's all about having a good time not killing ducks,thats an extra. Now have a good time and by all means be safe. The more of us that gets along the more of us there will be to save your butt or mine if things get ugly. Now get out there and push those duckys around.
Like I don't get enough of it at work See you in the marsh.

PS. Sorry you coulden't make it matt. I'll take pictures for you