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Thread: Home at last!!!

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    Default Home at last!!!

    I just got back from Brow Tine taxidermy, Rich mounted the sheep I got last year and did a wonderful job. I was not prepared to turn the lips and ears in the field. I thought I would just call for a early pick up and fly back and take it to him. Well, the weather had other plans. Had to wait a week to get off the mountain. Between my poor attempt at field taxidermy and him rolling several hundred feet down a rock slide, he needed some major repair. Rich worked his magic and he looks awesome. I'm going to have to go after another one next year. Hope to draw a good spot. Again, to me Rich at Brow Tine is an artist and I highly recommend his services. Can't wait to get our bears back.


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    Default Hope...

    ...he tastes as good as he looks.

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    Default Nice Mount

    Congratulations on a nice ram. They do look pretty when they are finally up on the wall after waiting on the taxidermist. Sheep hunting gets in your blood and the fever is strong.


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