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Thread: Initial bowhunting article in the Alaska Outdoors Wiki

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    Arrow Initial bowhunting article in the Alaska Outdoors Wiki

    An initial article has been contributed by Gogoalie in the Alaska Outdoors Wiki covering bowhunting in Alaska. Additional text and constructive edits are welcome, as anywhere on this wiki. Ultimately, this page and others like it will serve as a valuable resource for hunters wanting to pursue this in Alaska.

    The existing article reads as follows:
    Bowhunting in Alaska

    Bowhunting in Alaska requires skills that go above and beyond normal hunting, as the ranges to hunt are much closer, the gear radically different, and the seasons maybe different as well.
    Bowhunting requires intimate knowledge of your gear, whether you’re shooting traditional or compound. Knowing what kind of bow you want to use & practice with is paramount to a good clean kill.

    Types of Bows

    The types of gear include traditional & compound. Within the traditional categories are stickbow, or self made bows. Recurve, which include both laminate stock & sick bow. Longbows round out the traditional category.
    Compound bows are modern equipment that can include wheel bows (compounds have two round “wheels” on each end to aid in drawing & shooting), twin cam, with two oval wheels, single cam, which has one round wheel, & one cam (oval), along with cam & a half. The difference with the above examples depends variably the year they were made, & how much stored energy it can hold.
    Bowhunting either with compound or traditional will require the use of necessary field accessories that's required for hunting game in Alaska.
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    Arrow Bowhunting article updated

    GoGoalie has added a SUBSTANTIAL amount of detail to his article on Alaska Bowhunting in the Alaska Outdoors Wiki.

    There are many stick flingers here....jump in guys. Marvin has made a great first shot on this article. You are welcome to add detail and make constructive edits. One easy to make edit that is really helpful is to add resource links. I just added a few on his article. And so it grows....

    Thanks, GoGoalie!


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    Default Thanks David...

    Here's my partial Outline for what I was going to add, I will be out hunting for the next 7 days, (wiss me luck!) if you follow this outline, you should be able to get a pretty coherent article, please feel free to add, edit, & spice up the article...

    Bowhunting in Alaska, an Introduction

    I. Intro
    A. Types of gear
    1. Traditional
    a. Stickbow
    b. Recurve
    c. Longbow
    2. Modern, aka Compound
    a. wheel bow
    b. two cam
    c. single cam
    d. cam 1/2
    3. Accessories
    a. rangefinder
    1) laser
    2) dial in
    3) sight (aka estimate)
    b. quiver
    1) hip
    2) bow
    3) shoulder
    4) pack
    c. arrows
    1) Carbon
    2) Aluminum
    3) Wood
    4) vanes
    5) feathers
    6) Flu flu
    7) Broad head
    a) fixed blade
    b) replaceable
    c) mechanical
    d) screw on
    e) glue on
    8) Field tip
    9) Blunt
    10) Judo tip
    11) Determining length
    d. sights
    1) horizontal
    2) vertical
    3) cross hair
    4) peep/no peep
    e. release aids
    1) finger tab
    2) thumb release
    3) mechanical
    f. balances/weights/vibration dampers
    g. bow sling
    h. string dampers


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