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Thread: Devil's Pass & Summit Creek Trails

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    Default Devil's Pass & Summit Creek Trails

    I'm looking for the easiest/fastest route to the Hungry Creek to White Creek area along the Resurrection trail. From there I want to head west into the mountains for a caribou hunt. Looks like Summit has quite a bit of elevation gain and is probably a lot tougher of a trail. One of my maps shows Devil's as a mountain bike trail. Are either of these trails a better/faster/easier option than just taking the Resurrection Trail from Hope. Will probably be hiking, but mountain biking may also be an option.


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    I personally like Summit better than Devil's Pass, specifically because Summit starts climbing immediately and goes in pretty much a straight line, while Devil's Pass meanders through the lowlands for 2-3 miles before beginning the climb into the alpine. You'll have to measure the distance difference between the two, but given the choice I prefer Summit. The trail is in good condition, by the way.

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    Default Mt. Bike

    From Hope would be my preferred route to your intended destination.


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