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Thread: Kodiak Silvers?

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    Default Kodiak Silvers?

    Hi All,

    My son and I will be flying to Kodiak in middle of September to fish for silvers. I will be flyfishing only, he is ambidextrous and will fish what works best. I am currently tying up egg sucking leaches and pink pollywogs.

    We plan to fish the road system.

    What are your suggestions to make this trip be successful?

    BTW, I have noticed that I am not the first to ask this question. Any information supplementing that which has already been posted will be appreciated.


    Mike T.
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    Kodiak-mid September-silvers is the big three. You can go clear to Pasagshak. You can start right near the airport at the Buskin and drive out the road system. There are many streams to fish and most go out to a flat area, so flipping a fly will be easy. You will have plenty of time to fish many streams. The streams ar not big and thare easily fished. Most of the humpies should be gone by then. The Pasagshak is really a neat place. Best to you,


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