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    I am a boating newbie. My boat has a VHF radio in it. I know that channel 16 is the emergency channel but this radio doesn't have "channels". How do I find channels? Is there a chart somewhere that says, for example, 144.075 is channel 16? I know from being in other boats that people often start a conversation on 16 and immediately switch to another channel. So how do I go from a number like 144.075 to a channel?

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    Could the radio you have be an aviation radio?

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    Is there "up and down" arrows--to go through the channels? Or, possibly a "scan" button?

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    Ch 16 is the communications channel (and distress) that is monitored by most everyone. People hail each other on 16 since everyone listens in there then go to other channels to keep 16 clear for others.

    Here is the list of Marine VHF channels -

    Your particular radio may have programmable "pre-sets" that you can customize.

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    AKMUD, that is it. Thanks so much. Will go test tonight.


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