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    Default haul road trip

    I just returned from a 3 day hunt. hunted th kaparuk and tolik river alot of caribou running around. had my chance at a beautiful animal and well I choked hahahahah 39 yrds he was down hill and i forgot to hold low. funny part is all the way home i was hoping my bow (its new) wasnt tuned but i shot in my back yard the same arrow i launched at the boo and hit paperplate at 40 with all my arrows.
    oh well was a great hunt awsome stalk (2 miles) seen beautiful country i actually walked in 6 miles the first day with rifle and seen hundreds of animals but no real nice bulls. when i was walking back to the truck about 3 miles out i seen some real nice bulls that walked righ past me about 30 yards. wish i packed my bow out there hahahahhahah.
    met alot of good people, the weather was great bugs werent too bad either would go up there again in a heartbeat if i had the time. the road was great for the most part. i only wish all my hunting partners didnt back down the last minute, so i did it solo, should of posted a hunting parnter request on the forum, maybe next time.
    good luck to all

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    Default Just my thoughts

    Thanks for the great info, headed up in a week, planning on doing the hike in, but also taking my bow and strap it to my pack. I miss alaska--way to hot here in the lower 48!!

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    I tried the number and it was to a tax center, do you have another one?

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    do you have any time to get back up there this year. I am hunting Sept 8-16. Trying to figure out how to go get a bou with a bow in my remaining days off in Sept. Sick CALL???? let a brother know. JOE


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