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Thread: Barneys frame + Cabelas Pack?

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    Default Barneys frame + Cabelas Pack?

    I've searched through the archives, yet can't find this addressed. I bought the Barneys frame (arrived today), and bought the Cabelas Alaska guide pack to attach. I thought the velcro straps would attach to the Barneys frame, yet they don't seem to match. Seems like the back suspension webbing is getting in the way. I'd rather not alter the frame webbing. Worse case scenario is the Cabelas pack goes back and I buy the Barneys, yet I really like this pack.

    Has anyone mixed these two components and how did you get them to attach? Barneys must be closed for July 4th, even though it's the 3rd...
    Thanks in advance...-TWA

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    Smile It Works!!!

    We purchased the cabelas pack a few years back and soon after we wore the frames out so we purchased the Barney frame. When I tried to attach it at first I thought the same but after messing with it for awhile I got it. You can slide that webbing out of the way but it takes a little work. The pack will sit a bit high but so far its worked well for us. Any more problems let me know.

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    Default Bork- When you say it rides high..

    Thanks for responding; nothing worse than getting a toy the day before the holiday and no one's around. When you say it rides high, what do you mean exactly ( if you can describe it)? How would that effect you carrying loads to, say 80lb's+? If the frame rids higher, does it effect your balance? Thanks again, TWA

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    Thumbs up packs


    i think this was adressed , in the old forums. maybe you can find some info there that may be helpful?

    if you go with the barneys pack, you will not be disapointed.

    good luck.
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    after giving a barney bag a ride for the last eight years, and i try to help a client with there cabela's bags or frames, i can't take it. barney's hit it on the money and yet somehow improve it every year. i'd ditch the cabelas bag and go with the barney bag, seen them both, havne't seen anyone mix the two that'll be like having a custom gun built and putting a bushnell scope on cause its pretty...ouch. whatever works for you is what you gotta do though, everything on here is just opinion. good luck!

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    Default Brwnbr

    That's probably some good advice; I'm not much for Bushnell scopes on my Bill Wiesman rifles, thus I get it.

    I decided last night that I'm not going to "make something work". No need to when there is a plethora of great product out there. I guess the pack's going back. Thanks, TWA

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    Default Great choice!

    Quote Originally Posted by TWA
    ...I guess the pack's going back. Thanks, TWA

    You made a good decision there; this pack will probably last the rest of your lifetime.

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    For those prices, it darn well better last the rest of your lifetime.

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    barneys packs for the fall hunter will last forever seems like. i'm on my third frame and second bag, but i wear mine from early april till late november, and abuse it like its meant to be. had loads over 200lbs in them and still able to walk, although i could feel some bones rubbing that weren't suppose to be. but totin' around 150 lbs is very very doable. so wear that pack out, any pack thats still shiny after a couple years must not be seeing enough game hit the dirt....get 'er done...
    good luck and i'm thinkin' you made a wise ultra light arms .416 don't wear a bushnell...or tasco either!!


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