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Thread: looking for small lakes to hike to

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    Cool looking for small lakes to hike to

    Hello everyone I got a question for you, My father is coming up this week and I am looking for some lakes to hike into so we can fish in our float tubes. Im looking for a remote area with lots of fish. I am in the military and my father is an avid outdoorsman so a 7-10 mile hike though the sticks isnt a big deal. not looking for the path most traveled.

    thank you

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    Default kenai Canoe trails

    The Kenai canoe trails has over 120 miles of lakes and portages, many of them seldom visited. the Fishing can be excellent for Rainbow and Dolly Varden. This area is often referred to as the " Other Boundary waters" due to the fact that there are only 2 designated Wilderness canoe systems in the United states. The Kenai canoe trails,and the Boundary waters>
    look at the website on the refuge .. great maps and stuff.

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    Default Nancy lake system

    The Nancy lake system has many lakes that are hike in only. There is a vast trail system and you can get a map from the rangers that show a float/portage route between several lakes. Lots of rainbows and pike.

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