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Thread: whats hot on the upper kenai right now

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    Default whats hot on the upper kenai right now

    my buddy and i floated the upper kenai last week and were havin trouble connecting. just wanted to know how much leader ppl are using and what bead seams to be hot for these trout and dollies. any info will help!!!!

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    Leader length should be anywhere from 9-12 feet; I prefer a little longer leader to fish the deeper holes where the kings are spawning. I had success with a 10 mil orange bead I painted with some white nail polish on Sunday; I caught a bunch of fish and a couple of 'bows in the mid 20s. You really have to vary your beads to figure out what they're hitting on but once you find the right bead, it's on. I vary anywhere from a 6-12 mil until I find what's working. Stop by Troutfitters - they have a pretty solid assortment and are pretty good about sharing information.

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    My suggestion would be to stop at one of the fly shops in Cooper Landing and talk with the nice folks there. They will be more than happy to set you and your friend up with the correct setup.

    I typically use straight mono for a leader. 8# maxima about 9' or so. Attach to that 18" to 2' of tippet. Again 8# or lighter. At the knot put on some split shot. Add indicator if you like and adjust for the water depth and speed...same for the split shot.

    Beads = match the hatch.

    Use a small hook too. Sz 8 or 10 2457 or equivalent. Pinch the barb down.


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