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Thread: looking for small lakes to hike to

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    Default looking for small lakes to hike to

    Hello everyone I got a question for you, My father is coming up this week and I am looking for some lakes to hike into so we can fish in our float tubes. Im looking for a remote area with lots of fish. I am in the military and my father is an avid outdoorsman so a 7-10 mile hike though the sticks isnt a big deal. not looking for the path most traveled.

    thank you

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    Default Fuller Lake

    A dandy little alpine lake that has grayling in it and would be wonderful to float tube is Lower Fuller Lake off the Sterling Highway, just past Coopers landing. It isn't a super long hike, nor too strenuous, but it is beautiful and there are lots of fish there. They would go for flies or very small spinners.

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    Check out Ptarmigan Lake, it is a 7 mile hike, good trout, grayling etc.. It is accessed at Ptarmigan Creek campground near Seward.


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