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Thread: Watch the foxtails

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    Default Watch the foxtails

    I know most of you are well aware of the dangers of foxtails. Last night my son was training in the yard and threw a bumper a bit too far. I landed in the neighbors "foxtail field" and instead of calling the dog off he let the dog go in and get the bumper.
    I got a call asking what to do as the dog kept working his tongue and acting like something was caught. I told him to start with bread and lots of peanut butter to see if that helped. Later I think he went to the hydrogen peroxide and poured it down the throat to cause vomiting.
    By the time I got home late it appeared the old dog was no longer distressed, and this morning no indication of a problem.
    I absolutely hate foxtails and try like the devil to keep the dogs out of them. Good luck to all of you during this hunting season.

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    Default Foxtails

    When my golden lab was about 4 months old I had let him run around the yard without being supervised and about an hour later he was acting like something was stuck and had some foam around his mouth and sounded like a little pig. I had rushed him into the after hours vet (BIG RIP OFF) and was never really diagnosed that they were foxtails until the next day I took him to my vet and he had foxtails removed from the back of his throat. You know as well as I do labs are vacuums and you need to watch what goes in. Foxtails are no joke and can get infected inside which would lead to more serious issues and even death so watch what goes in...I recommend getting VPI pet insurance...I have it and has come in handy already....

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    Ya, my springer got one in between his toes a few years back, worked it's way up an inch or more, had to have the vet remove it deal with infection, etc.

    Last year my wife picked up a nice little red long haired dachsund puppie that was dropped at the pound when she was 8 weeks old. Well, she wanted the dog but it had some kind of an abcess on it's face, they figured it was a puppy bite. They sent the dog to foster care before it could be adopted. We ended up helping foster care the dog, flushing the abcess, giving her meds, etc. and it was not getting any better. Finally Barb took her to the vet and siad "this ain't right" and got the vet to take a closer look. Sure enough, she had a half inch foxtail in her face that worked in real close to her eye. We lucked out on that one. The took it out and the red head has been running the show around here ever since!
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