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Thread: looking for small lakes to hike to

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    Cool looking for small lakes to hike to

    Hello everyone I got a question for you, My father is coming up this week and I am looking for some lakes to hike into so we can fish in our float tubes. Im looking for a remote area with lots of fish. I am in the military and my father is an avid outdoorsman so a 7-10 mile hike though the sticks isnt a big deal. not looking for the path most traveled.

    thank you

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    What part of the state are you in?

    If you're in South central, drive down the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and put in to the Canoe Lakes trails, starting at Canoe Lake 1, the first put in on the South side of the road.

    The lakes don't get much traffic, and there are plenty of wild rainbows.

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    Default Symphony lake?

    Take the highland road exit heading north. first light turn right and follow it to the end. Park. start hiking. stocked by ADFG with greyling. few people. done deal!

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    Default How'd you make out

    Hey Paul,

    Where did you end up going and was it what you were looking for?

    I'm beginning to plan my first trip to Alaska with my 14 year old son. He's a much better fisherman than I.

    Cheers from Boston.

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    Hi everyone - new to the board.

    If you are on the Kenai Peninsula, there are a couple of lakes that are worth mentioning off the Sterling Highway that I have fished which are really neat-

    One is about a 1200 VF gain and a couple miles to the lower lake w/ grayling, which are typically smaller. The best fishing spot on the lake is a float tube deal, Lower Fuller Lake. Even though it is relatively easy to get to, I've been back there a bunch and only seen a few people at most on each trip.

    The other is Crescent Lake, which you can hike to from off the Seward Hwy, and hike or bike to off off the Sterling Hwy. It is 5 or so miles to the lake, and there are trophy-sized grayling in there.

    Have a great trip!


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