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Thread: Reloading ?'s for a Browning BAR 7mm Mag

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    Default Reloading ?'s for a Browning BAR 7mm Mag

    Hey guys, a friend of mine just inherited a Belgium made Browning BAR chambered in 7mm Rem Mag. I have loaded for several bolt action 7mm's in the past but never a semi-auto. What powders are the best the too use? I know about using the faster burning powders to help with the bolt cycling, but which ones are the best. Is RL-22 fast burning enough,that is the powder that I have always had the best luck using in the past for the 7mm's.

    Any help or load data will be greatly appreciated. Nebraska deer season is right around the corner and I would like to get all the bugs worked out before then.


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    I load for a friend's 7mm BAR, and have great luck with either IMR-4350 with 175 grain Nosler Partitions or IMR-4831 with 150 grain partitions, both at near max. The loads were worked up a long time ago, and I just crank out more when he needs them, rather than testing anything new. I'm guessing that any of the RL series with similar burn rates would work just fine, but that's instinct rather than tested fact. His gun is bolt-action accurate with either of them and completely reliable, so we've both formed a pretty high opinion of the BAR.

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    Thumbs up Imr 4350 & BAR

    The IMR 4350 with 160 gr Nosler AB work great.

    61.0 of IMR 4350
    160 Accubond
    Fed 215GM Primer
    FC Case
    COL 3.290"

    68.5 of H4831
    150 Nosler Part
    COL 3.280"
    Very accurate but the 160 is a good all around load deer/elk.

    Vel 3000 FPS

    RCBS Small Base Dies

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    You can use your RL-22 but it is not fast burning. The BAR has what is called a tappet gas system and it is not so tempermental as the Remington 740/742 rifles were. They will not work with that powder. The BAR should be happy with your normal 7 mag load with RL-22.

    Bush mans loads also look good if you have that powder.
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