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Thread: 05 Yamaha kodiak 450 reviews??

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    Default 05 Yamaha kodiak 450 reviews??

    I am seeking opinions on the 2005 Kodiak 450 (power to weight ratio, dependability, comfort, fuel economy, mudholeability, whatever else you can tell me). Thinking of buying a used one with 25" mudlites and a winch. Thanks.

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    I've got an 03 450, the only difference is that mine has the solid rear axle. I'd prefer the independant suspension like the one you are considering. I take mine thru swamps, on side hills, over tundra, on regular trails, everywhere, I've never been so stuck that the diff lock couldn't pull me out of it. comfort level is good, the fuel economy sucks. I ride with a bunch of guys who use arctic cat 500's, they literally get nearly twice the mpg that I do. On my older Suzuki the ride feels more solid than on the Yamaha, the front end of the yamaha seems light to me, I've rolled it twice, both time going up a steep grade trying to ride over alders. so one good thing is it's a light machine, it's also a bad thing when you are trying to stomp down trees while going uphill. I have 26" mudlights on mine and they are awsome. With ATV's, clearance and traction are your two most important things to consider. I give the machine a B+, but if I were going to buy a new ATV I'd probably go Arctic Cat. or if looking at used I'd still buy Arctic Cat, but nothing older than an 04.

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    I have the exact same machine as the one you are looking at. I have the 26" mud lites which have deeper lugs. I only have 370 miles on mine and have never had a problem. My son and I took it sheep hunting and it had no problem taking us and towing a trailer full of gear. Lots of power and a smooth ride compared to the older KingQuad I rode. Not sure about fuel economy compared to the other ATV's. I love my Yamaha.


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