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Thread: Buying pen raised game birds. help

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    Default Buying pen raised game birds. help

    I want to buy pheasant, chukar or quail to train my elhew pup with. Pigeons are getting to routine. Seems every gamebird farm I check via web will not ship here to sitka. Any advise of getting some pen raised birds would be great!

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    Most of the game birds I get from local hatcheries here in the Matsu valley. I simply place my order and they show up as chicks. You need to have a good brood set up and space available for an indoor pen until they are feathered enough to go outdoors.
    You might contact Triple D. They have always been helpful. You can explain your situation.
    Also you could have someone locally buy them for you and then ship via Alaska Airlines or etc. to your location if the hatchery won't do it.

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    Give Gary a call at Falcon Ridge at Pt Mackenzie 576-6714

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    For the number at Falcon Ridge it's actually a 3 instead of a 5.


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