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    Question Sheefish

    Anyone got any good tips for catching Sheefish. I would like to give it try while float hunting next month. Thanks

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    My experience on the Kobuk River:

    They hold out in the deep fast water. Very hard to fish from shore, except in a few areas. Best way is anchoring a boat out in the deep fast current and casting downstream with some shiny spinner that goes down deep. You can cast quartering and let it swing around into the fast water, and that is where most of your strikes will be. You need to get down to the bottom in fast water. Casting from shore just swings it away from them. I am a flyfisher, so I am more in tune with that, but same principles (deep and in the fast heavy current with a drift parallel to the current).

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    Make sure your hooks are sharp, sheefish have a very hard mouth also more than any other fish in Alaska it is important to keep the line tight they are very good at spiting lures.

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    Out in Bethel I would throw a black fish out at the mouth of one of the slews. I caught one in the chatinika river on flys. I was fishing for hump back white fish and got a nice surprise.


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