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Thread: where are the Bows in the willow

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    Default where are the Bows in the willow

    I recently drifted the willow and between 3 of us only managed to pick up 5-6 bows. We drifted from the bridge down to the Su. any ideas?

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    Default Oh! Oh!

    I know, I know in the water! :-) Ok that was bad but hey man I had to go there.

    I think you will find you will have to fish up high to find decent numbers of fish this year on the Willow. They are out and about but the lower portion of the Willow has been a ZOO at best this year and with the lower water and heat through out Most of the Summer "Thangs" are not as good as they could be. Just my opinion :-( Two weeks ago I thought I would head down and fish lower like at D-Creek only 12 trucks and cars there so I headed back up just like a spawning salmon until I found a nice little spot to do my thing and the fishing was decent.

    We have been doing OK however nothing compared to the river prior to last years flood and re-channelization (word) of some parts of the stream.

    Good Luck! Best Wishes! Tight Lines!

    Blue Moose

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    Default willow bows

    I know what you mean. My wife and I are new to the world of fly fishing (no excuse) and we floated down Saturday and didn't catch a single trout. I think the fish were just full. Every hole seemed like it had hundreds of eggs just bouncing down the bottom. It's a little hard to target certain fish with so many chums and pinks. Good luck next time!

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    between wasilla and palmer


    Was fishing there for silvers on sunday saw lots of rainbows several were almost as big as the salmon. They all looked fat and happy. They didn't seem too teribly interested in eating but they were pecking lightly at some of the flys I was throwing at the salmon. Nothing that could bee hooked though.

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    From the canyon to the mouth has produced trout
    This was last week

    Note the fly selection
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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