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    Default Sportjet question

    I'm looking around at "next-boat" options like Sportjons, XS and SeaArk Predator, and have been hear lots of talk about Compeau's being the place to go to in Fbx for maintenance. Who is everyone going to in Anchorage? I know Marita is the Merc dealer, but are they up on Sportjets? I also heard Merc may notbe making them in the future. Any problems coming from that yet? I'd hate to make the investment and then not be ablr to get parts & service.

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    I don't know about Anchorage but Wasilla Arctic Cat is where I bought my Thunderjet. It has a 175hp Sportjet and they were more than happy to take a look at it last week. As I suspected all along I must have had water in the fuel. Long story short, they spent about an hour messing with it and didn't charge me a dime since apparently I took care of the problem before dropping it off.


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