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    I'm sorry to keep bothering yall with elementary questions, but as stated in other posts, I'm pretty ignorant on hunting in general, and even more so in Alaska. I'm going hunting with some guys up in unit 20A. One of them drew a "any bull" permit (DM770). The rest of us are hoping for a harvestable bull. My question is concerning a "legal bull". my reading of the regs has me confused. I know the 50" part, but can I take one with 3+ brow tines, or do have to look for a 4+ bull? Any help would be appreciated.

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    That depends on the area you are hunting. If you are hunting in the same area as your friend (with the DM770 permit), you need to find one with 4+ browtines. If you are anywhere else in the region, you should be okay with 3+ based on how I read it. If you are a non-resident, you are limited to the 4+ browtine requirement in all areas.

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    50" or 3-browtines means what it says. Any bull 50" or wider is legal and any 3 browtine bull is legal. A bull can be a 24" paddle bull but if he's got 3 browtines you can shoot him. (thats a zillion to one odds but freak antlers do occur) by the same token if the rack is 50" or bigger then teh number of browtines is irrelevant.

    It's either not both

    The 3/4 browtine rule was added to help hunters identify mature bulls. When the 50" rule first went into effect a lot of 48-49" bulls ended up shot and confiscated.

    Also, make sure you read the definition of what is and is not a legal browtine point.

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    Thumbs up Brow Tine Count on Moose

    You should also note that in areas with a brow tine count restriction, that restriction is "on at least one side"- not the total number of brow tines on both sides, etc.

    Sounds like you are an excellent candidate to purchase the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's "Is This Moose Legal?" video. The DVD will set you back 15 bucks and you get their excellent meat care video with it- a nice double feature!

    Good luck!

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