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    Well, to say the least, there are silvers to be'll put your time in to get them though. One thing that really sticks in my mind, or nose I should say, is the number of pinks from the city dock all the way around Allison Point. There are literally hundreds of thousands of pinks, mostly dead or dying, bobbing or rotting, everywhere you look. I know this happens every year, but this year just seems worse! During low tide especially, the stench is unbelieveable; but during high tide the salmon stew bubbles with every breaking wave to the shore!...yuk. Ok, I know, I'm being too I tell the wife it's just nature giving back, she just looks at me pinching her nose and gagging....different perspectives I guess. Also, there are warning signs posted for bears, but didn't see any; probably back in the woods sleeping off the glutten of fish. Did see some something interesting things back at the boat dock cleaning station; including a 200lb butt (the lucky #@$*) and a BIG Salmon Shark being cleaned. Also noticed something weird at the docks there...there were schools of salmon swimming in circles, etc. but it was not just pinks. There were pinks, silvers, and I could be wrong here, but I swear there were chums too! Some others there agreed. They had the classic side bar colors and were huge.....definately not a pink that can also get side bars of (dark, not bright) color in spawning phase. So, after dinner, me and the miss' went down by Stan Steohens dock and started casiting pixies and Vibrax at them. Many chases at the lure, but only one hit. Monster silver nailed it, took a short dive, then took an incredible leap (totally out of the water) water shaking it's head, and methocially, throwing my lure back at me! Talk about a fish saying "I don't think so! Anyway, had a great time and caught some fresh silvers! Should only get better, but expect to put a little time in...and good luck not snagging or catching a half dead, already dead, or rotting glob of salmon parts during your quest!

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    Yes this year there are a lot of pinks. I was in Jack Bay on Sunday and there are still some pinks coming into port. Chums have been more plentiful this year than I have ever seen too. Caught three in 1/2 hour in the narrows. Really nice fish too. Silvers are still streached from outside Jack bay into the port.

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    Thanks for the update guys. We will be pullin' in down there Wednesday night, 'keep the light on for us".

    I will update towards the end of the week.


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