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    Default Boyds gunstocks...

    Anybody have experience with a Boyds JRS classic rifle stock? Or any Boyds stocks for that matter?

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    I haven't dealt with them myself, but a friend picked up semi-inlet replacements from them for his Savage 99. Since he never installed them before trading the works to me, I got to do the work and form some impressions.

    Great wood, good job of inletting even if they call it "semi-inletting." I've seen one of their "factory replacement" stocks for a Model 70, and it looked as good as an original.

    I'll give them high marks, based on all that.

    Here is a link to their site for anyone needing a replacement stock.

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    Default Boyds stocks

    I have two of them. One was a replacement for a 338 win mag, and the other for my 450-348 Ackly Imp, i built. The 450-348 was a semi inleted stock, but too a lot of work to fit it, the 338 was great and did not take a long. When i ordered, the guy I talked to on the phone was not as helpfull as I would have liked him to be, but the stock arived quickly, and was what I wanted. I believe that Boyds has the contract for all of the Howa 1500 rifles. They are both great stocks and i have had no trouble from them. I attached pictures of both of them.

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    I put a Boyds JRS Classic on my Ruger MKII 338 and love it. Better for scope alignment and absorbs lot of recoil, due to increased weight and a good recoil pad. I believe that Boyd's was pretty much THE supplier of laminate stocks to the firearms industry and did not sell directly to the public for a long time, one of their customer's I think Fajen? quit selling them so Boyd's started selling direct. KK

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    Default Boyd's

    I've used a few of their products, three M1903 Springfield C type pistol grip replacement stocks, and was not impressed at all. Inletting on the first two was gross, and exterior dimensions were huge compared to good original pieces I had on hand.
    The one other stock I got from them was a walnut replacement for a 788 Remington, and it WAS a nice stock. After touching up a few spots in the barrel channel, it dropped right in, felt nice in use, and was a good experience.


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