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Thread: Saltwater flys for silvers

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    Default Saltwater flys for silvers

    Ok ive searched and searched but cant find any info on saltwater flys for silvers. Do you use the same flys as fresh water? Ill be fishing in the valdez area and would love to get one on the fly rod. Thanks Hillbilly

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    Two are tops in my book: Clausers and Surf Candy. Some shade of green back with a white belly is usually best, ranging from almost yellow charteuse to dark kelly green. I've also had good luck on blue-and-white, brown-and-white, olive-and-white, and pink-and-white. Greens are my go-to colors and I only try the others when green isn't working, so I bet that they will work more often than I realize.

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    I've always had good success with Sea Habit Bucktails in the blue/chartreuse combination.


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