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    My neighbor just informed me of this forum and I really enjoy it. I have been reading alot of post to gain as much info as possible.

    Being new to Alaska I have a few questions, specifically caribou hunting. I have a 4 day weekend next weekend and was planning on going up the haul road. However, all my partners have bailed and it looks like a solo hunt if I go. Is solo a bad idea for this area? My wife is like flipping out about me going by myself. I was just wondering, or maybe if someone else was going solo wouldn't mind the company? Thanks.


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    Tons of info in the archive reference Haul Rd.; might want to check that out. Bow or rifle?

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    Welcome to Alaska, and welcome to Outdoors Directory.

    My recommendation, if your wife is not on board with you going alone, is to either take her with you, find a partner, or spend the time with her and the family instead. I've done solo hunts often enough, and been late home from them often enough, that my wife now tells me that she's not even calling the troopers until three days after the hunt is supposed to be over. Now THAT's a comforting thought! I could be hanging from a cliff by my eyelashes and toenails for THREE DAYS before she even calls someone!

    As was mentioned, there is a lot of information here about hunting the haul road (Dalton Highway). It's a unique place and you will find plenty of others up there hunting as well. Remember if you're rifle hunting you have to be five miles off the road! That's a L-O-O-O-N-G way to pack a caribou, over damp, hummocky ground. If you do it, you will only do it once. If you do it, you better salvage ALL of the meat, because I almost guarantee that you will be checked. Remember that in Alaska, the antlers and cape come out with the last load, too! Read the regulations carefully to make sure you're doing it correctly.

    Have a great fall!

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