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Thread: 1911 Carry Opinions Wanted

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    Question 1911 Carry Opinions Wanted

    I currently own a few handguns, but none ideally suited for carry. There is something about the 1911 that absolutely fascinates me, I can't explain it. I have a Kimber Tactical II Pro in .45.

    My desire is to find a 1911 in .40 S&W with about a 3" barrel. Just curious, what do you all like? I see a lot of varied opinions coming in about a 1911 being to big and bulky, but hammerless autos bother me personally, and won't likely be a consideration.

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    Default Colt Defender

    I have had my Defender for the most part of 10 years. Just recently I had it refinshed. I carry in a Highnoon IWB.


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