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    I'm in need of a one person cataraft. All those gravel bars on the Kenai that can not be waded to are driving me crazy. So, for one person, day trips, probably used 10 times a year, what do you think of the fishcat cougar?

    My biggest concern is reliability. It has sewn seams and vinyl tubes, but the price- 550 at sportsmans warehouse, 600 at ak raft, is really attractive. Plus, it is here in town and does not need shipped.

    Anybody have one and like to comment? Any problems? Any punctures? I would probably try Willow, and maybe Montana, too. Think it would handle the occasional bump into rocks or logs?

    If I really need to spend more money I could always break the piggy bank and go up a little, but I'd sure prefer not to. Although I did really like those Dave Scadden boats at the show this spring.

    Thanks, Doug

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    For the purposes you described, I think you'd be happy with the Fishcat. I believe you have a five-year warranty on that boat, but I'm not positive. I know AIRE is involved with those boats, so the construction is similar to their larger boats. They're part of the Outcast series.

    If you wanted to upgrade to one of the AIRE boats, I might suggest the Ocelot. The tubes are larger diameter, but the Ocelot is a great one-person fisher, which also allows you to carry a little more gear and of course you get AIRE's ten-year, no fault warranty.

    The frame on the Fishcat is pretty light, but not super strong like the frames on the larger boats, but that boat is not intended for whitewater or really rough conditions. I doubt you would want to run a small kicker motor on it, though you might be able to rig something up for an electric trolling motor if you wanted to fish small lakes with it.

    All in all, not a bad choice for the upper Kenai, Willow Creek, and other similar streams.

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    Fish Cat C will do you fine for your described wishes. I wish to piggy back on Mike's comments as well and state that if you plan on fishing other waters that require greater capabilities you may want to upgrade to a large boat with a little more gusto.

    You have another option made by AIRE and that is the FishCat 13 which can handle a motor be it small or not with the capability of fishing two people, or one with an anchor system, and platform although I know this is not want you asked for I am tossing it for S & G's

    I run the FishCat 13 on the Upper Gulkana it will take some abuse :-) The frame is Ok however I have yet to plow something hard which would be your main concern with the FishCat Cougar.

    Parting thoughts on your purchase and warranty - AR&K will fix what ever you purchase Sportsmans will not, nor can not.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes.


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    Thanks for the replies. I got a cougar and used it today on the Kenai. Lots of fun- I wish I had bought one years ago.



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