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Thread: Anyone know where to buy 15" glowsticks

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    Default Anyone know where to buy 15" glowsticks

    besides the internet anybody know? I bought some from walmart made by ozark trail a couple of years back and went back today to buy some more but could not find them just the 6in. I use them for light in the camp site at night instead of a lantern or battery operated lights. I have called b&j, eagle enterprise's, sportsman's warehouse, alaska moutineering and hiking, A.I.H, and Grainger but the biggest I could find through these guys are 12inch, but I like the 15inch it produces more light and they last for 12hrs. if anybody has seen these aroud please let me know thanks.

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    I would reckon any safety or fire supply store should have them. If you're in Fairbanks there's a fire supply store on Van Horn and one on Industrial.


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