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Thread: Need Local Advice on Charters/guides

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    Default Need Local Advice on Charters/guides

    Hi. Just moved up here from Utah and new to the forum. My wife was born and raised here for 19 years but never touched a fishing pole until she moved to Utah and I got her "hooked." Needless to say we're both pretty excited to be here. She regrets missing out on a lot of fishing she could have done growing up but never had anyone to take her so we're trying our best to get out a lot while we still can.

    Anyway I was just looking for some local advice on good charters or guides to go fishing with. I've fished my whole life and she's pretty good now and we're looking to go out with someone who we can learn a lot from but won't just treat us like the typical know-nothing tourist. Looking for salmon, halibut, rockfish...anything. We're in Anchorage

    Any recommendations and advice would be much appreciated. thanks

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    When ever I'm in Wasilla I fish with Norm at

    He'll treat you right and his prices are good.
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    Dan and Jean from Yentna Station are tops. They treat all like family when staying/fishing with them.

    More then a week ago they were at 350 Silvers caught between Dan and his Daughter, Danielle. I do not remember how many Kings they boated/released this year but they posted some good numbers.

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    Default Looks like an avatar from a sledding site

    That avatar sure looks like SirCAT form HCS. Is that you SirCat over here enjoying the summer hobbies

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    Default Charters

    Comeon one day the next 2 weeks I'll show ya fishin heaven.

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    Is it still a good time to fish for Halibut?

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    Default Try Vader Charters

    If your looking for Halibut try Vader Charters.

    Tim is an honest hard working captain and will treat you right. I took my 12 y/o daughter and in-laws out with him this spring and we limited out on halibut and caught a few Kings. We didn't limit on Kings but it was still pretty early for them when we went. He spent a lot of time and gas trying to get all of us our King limit.

    If you really want rockfish and lings with your Halibut I hear good things about Crackerjack charters in Seward but I have never tried them. I always end up on a Saltwater Safari boat and have a fairly consistent experience for a big party boat.

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    Check with Crackerjack or ProfishNSea in Seward. Two of the very best outfits you'll find anywhere. You can still get halibut, but probably only have about two weeks left till most charters shut down. Might still get a combo in Seward for silvers/halibut, I'm not sure. Use the SEARCH link in this forum for the mentioned charters and you'll get lots more recommendations for them.
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