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    Default choke questions / shot questions

    ok i dont understand all the different chokes and shot sizes so maybe a explantion by someone who does could help me by type and use hope i am clear example
    i would also like to know the bestter shot sizes for ducks and grouse i am just uniformed in this area and so many of you are much closer to this than me. I will be trying ducks and grouse with a m2000 stoeger kinda a benelli copy shotgun this season so any info is appreciated .

    skeet choke / skeet range shot size?
    modified /use / shot size
    improved/ use/shot size
    full/ use / shot size

    thanks nick

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    in my opinion #4 size shot is the best for ducks, my favrite load is remintons nitro-mag # 4 1 3/8 oz but smaller payloads work. for goose same load but with #2 or BB.
    - skeet choke is for close range and fo skeet shooting #8 or #9 shot.
    -for the rest it depends on distance and bird size as to what choke/shot size combination you need to use. just remember the pellet needs to be big enough to breakl the bones.
    - when it comes to a choke for steel make sure it is a steel aproved choke and not to use to tight of a choke becuse steel is much harder and condenses more than lead if the choke is to tight it cause great problums.
    hope this helps a little

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    Default choke/ shot

    When im hunting my ducks over decoys. I run a modified choke with 3"shells size 2 shot. If i am hunting geese i may switch to a full choke 3.5" shells with BB or BBB. I usually stick with #2 shot for all of my duck hunting but i do know people who use 3 or 4 shot. Skeet choke is a wider pattern for closer shots. The modified is about a mid range choke. Full will give u tighter pattern out further so it would be used more for longer distance shooting. With a tighter choke you also get a denser pattern which kills a lot better then just crippling the bird and having to chase the thing. But i dont do that anymore now i that i have the black lab.

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    If you are shooting 25 yards or closer IC is your best bet, such as shooting over dekes
    25 to 35 yards modified or an improved modified is better
    35 and longer you should probably have full(not all full chokes can handle steel shot)
    just remember steel patterns tighter than lead
    best thing to do is pattern all of your chokes with the shot size you will be using and figure out what works for your gun

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    to answere your other question i usually shoot #2 for ducks and BB for the honkers

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    I shoot a Stoeger Model 2000 - Best choke you can get for the gun is a Briley choke. I'm currently shooting a Briley Extended ported choke thats an IM (improved Modified).

    For ducks you really dont want to go smaller than 4's. I'll use 4's down here when its early season for teal, but I prefer 2's and 3's as they pattern best for me. If I'm hunting big ducks, (big northern mallards, and sea ducks) I'll switch up to #1 or BB shot....

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    #2's are excellent for ducks and I agree with BB for geese and even ducks. I like the lighter payloads because that means more speed. Steel shot is light and you need to make up for that with speed. The heavier the payload the slower the FPS. I would not shoot anyting slower than 1400 fps and much prefer the Kent's that are going 1550fps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownclown View Post
    - when it comes to a choke for steel make sure it is a steel aproved choke and not to use to tight of a choke becuse steel is much harder and condenses more than lead if the choke is to tight it cause great problums.
    hope this helps a little
    A couple of comments on chokes and steel shot.

    Steel is harder, but much lighter than lead. That means it compresses less, and does not maintain it's energy down range like lead does. Hence the move towards other non-toxic shot (e.g. bismuth, etc.) that more closely mirrors the performance of lead.

    As such, the choke selection for lead and steel are not an apples to apples comparison. For example, a skeet choke used for lead shot will provide a very open pattern suitable for skeet, and other close in work - I use it in the upper barrel of my O/U when dove hunting. But using steel shot, it will perform more like an Improved Cylinder choke due to the hardness of the steel. It does not compress and conform like lead, and if constricted too much (like in a full choke), will result in a blown pattern. A simple rule of thumb is if using steel shot in sizes larger than #4, is to drop one choke level to achieve the pattern desired. I.e., if you desire a tighter patter down range that you would use a full choke for with lead, use a Modified or Improved Modified choke - this will likely result in the tightest pattern you can achieve with steel. The only way to tell however, is to make sure that you pattern your gun with the shells and choke you want to use at the range before you head to the field.

    The table below gives a rough rule of thumb for choke selection for lead an steel:

    Full .......................(I would not use with steel)
    Imp Modified............Full
    Improved Cylinder.....Modified

    Hope this helps,



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    Sierra Hotel has it right, I shoot a Beretta Extrema 2 with a modified choke and prefer to shoot Winchester Supremes in size 3 or 1 (size 2 doesn't pattern very well) and BB for smaller geese (Snows, Aluetians, Cacklers, and BBB for the bigger honkers.) Get used to shooting steel and break some clays if you have never shot steel before. Try to get used to judging distance too. Too many times I've seen sky busters thinking they can actually hit geese that are probably a couple hundred yards high. With ducks I like to see them work the spread as much as like shooting them and typically don't shoot until they are within 35 yards, and depending on the action of the day and pressure on the ducks, don't typically pass shoot, but that's just me.

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    I shoot a benelli nova and use 3.5 inch #3 shots for everything. Ducks, geese, cranes. They all crumple within 30 yards with my modified choke. I also decoy and call. But the key is be very patient with the birds.

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    I shoot #2 Kent's for ducks and BB's for geese, out of a benelli M2 w/ a modified choke.

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    2 3/4" Kent with 1 1/16 oz of #3's early season
    3" Kent with 1 1/8 oz #2's late season.

    I shoot a Ruger double barrel :}

    Improved Cylinder and Modified

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    skeet choke = skeet choke or IC/ skeet range shot size?=8/9
    modified or IM= 25-35yds /ducks 2-4 geese 2-T
    improved(IC)/ under 25yds/ducks 2-4 geese 2-T
    full/ 35yds and up / ducks 2-4 geese 2-T (not all full chokes shoot steel)


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