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Thread: RM 764 in unit 20

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    I was planning to hunt zone 1 but it closed early. Now I need a way to access the other zones, but they're all on the other side of the Tanana river. I have a canoe, but as I'm going solo I have no way to park the car and paddle down river. is it possible to wade the river or paddle across or aginst the curent? Seems in the times that I've been there it wasn't possible. Is there some spots that someone could refer me to. I hate the idea of not using the permit.

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    Zone 1 was not open this year nor was it open last year. I'm not sure about using canoes on the Tanana, but I'm not fond of them to begin with so I'm biased. It's braided enough around Northpole and Fairbanks I would think you could park somewhere and line it upstream to paddle across and the same for getting back so you don't need two vehicles. Where there's a will there's a way!


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