Well, after a few weeks of researching information on this sight and others, and I'm sure after driving Murphy and BrownBear crazy with questions about whether to scope it or replace the Marlin factory sights, I decided to go with Jim Brockman's Generation III rear and front sights with tritium insert from Brockman's gunsmithing shop in Gooding, Id. I hope to receive tham next week before leaving for northern Idaho - but, regardless, the 45-70 will go along for the trip.

Before ordering them I was fortunate enough to run into a fellow Marlin owner who had placed a set of these sights on his .450 Marlin. I had the opportunity to fire a few rounds with his rifle. First ghost ring I have used and will take a little getting used to, but not much. These are NICE sights - but I don't have the experience with them to suggest everyone in need of such sights run out and purchase a set of Brockmans. I can tell you that target aquisition is quick and I have no doubt that with practice they will serve my needs quite well. They can be seen by going to Brockman's Rifles using your search engine.

In any event, I want to thank those of you that responded to my many and often duplicitous questions. It is nice to know a website exists where people with both extensive experience and first hand knowledge congregate for the purpose of sharing information.


MD Mike