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Thread: Poor Ship/Bird Silver Run

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    Default Poor Ship/Bird Silver Run

    So what's with small silver run in Ship/Bird this year? Is it expected to pick up at all or just trickle down from here?

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    Good gut says Bird Creek is pretty much done after my past 3 trips. I'm still holding out for Ship although I spent about 6 hours there today and only saw two landed. Probably the hot clear weather keeping them down but I hope it picks up this week.

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    Default too late

    I think SHip is done. The peak is the first 1-2 weeks of August and even on the driest years by now there are several seen at high tide that run back out until a good rain. Silvers more than any fish have humbled me in the past with their run timing, but I have spent over 10 seasons down there and this year stinks.


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