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    Default Delta Junction

    Anyone with good stories from Delta?
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    Default delta junction sheep hunt

    i took a nice ram up there two years ago during the walk in only hunt. crossed the river and walked in about 6 or 7 miles. had a close encounter witha 2 year old that had a broken leg. i was sitting up in the high willows and he decided he wanted to smell my boots, could have slapped him. the night before i started hiking i fell on my gun while fishing so the whole time i was praying that it was on......well i shot 7 times before it hit anything that was part of a sheep. thank god i found a dumb one that started running at me when i began to fill the surrounding area with bullets. cut em up and pack him back down to camp before 11pml. the next day i spemt eating sheep taking care of my hide and fixing my pack that broke while i was coming down the mountain with him. decided to walk out at about 4pm by 7 pm couldn't see the side of the drainage i was in for all the smoke. made it back to the river at about midnight.....slept good that night. ended up having to wade more than float the river but ended up taking the channel that leads to within 150 yards of the road.. walked down the road about a hlaf mile to get the truck but it felt nice not to have on a pack... since i was carrying it all myself. got my ram sealed and then the next day i went to the range and my rifle was dead on i guess i had sheep fever. and no one to call my shots. you can get pretty frustrated when' you have to reload your gun...twice. but he was a great sheep 38 1/2 by 14 that was 12 years old..and not full curl.... my first sheep.

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    Thumbs up Lots of them

    With 25 years here in Delta there are a lot of good stories about this area. I got my first of just about everything here. I was lucky enough to have been born in Alaska and raised in Delta Junction. Not only that but I was lucky enough to have a family who told me I could do anything and everything I ever wanted and that meant I was a hunting fool just like the rest of my family. This story starts way back in September of 1991. The normal early morning alarm clock of my dad saying my name awoke me to our third day of trying to find a moose. With a quick warm breakfast and a packed lunch we were out the door. Today we were gonna head out to our family’s lodge at Quartz Lake to see if we could have any luck. As most hunting partners our deal was the same ~ whoever spots it first, gets first dibs~ and this being my first real season that I would get a chance at the big boys I was ever straining my eyes to find something legal. Lucky me while dad drives I could scope the sidelines better than he could and low and behold was a moose. My ever so cleaver "MOOSE!MOOSE!MOOSE!" notified my dad and after a quick look he was convinced it was a cow. I just knew it was a small bull and begged my dad to look through the binos. Just to please me I am sure. He looked and to his surprise it was a little fork bull. I still remember his face at the moment he told me I was right and that this would be my first chance at my first large game. We quickly got set up. ~ with the steady voice in my head telling me to calm down and breath and the comfort of having my dad next to me the moment finally came ~ I pulled the trigger ~ what seemed like forever and I am sure was just a few seconds a loud thwack sounded as the bull humped up and took four or five lunges before falling over at the edge of the clearing. An ever so excited pair let out many yips of glee even with the loads of work that now followed, but our family was fed and at the tender age of nine my dads "baby girl" got her first moose. I understand it’s been 16 years but I still remember seeing one of the biggest smiles on that mans face and I will never forget that moment. My dad past on just a few years later and that will forever be one of my most cherished memories and hopefully a good story of the surrounding area.
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    Back Country Robb I was not sure where you were going with this when I first saw your post. For some reason the first thing that came to my mind was you were looking for interesting stories about the two legged animals in Delta.

    Both of the above stories are great hunting stories of outstanding experiences and first for both hunters. I ams till in shock over a sheep allowing a hunter to fire that many rounds and even to reload.

    I managed to get my first moose hunting in Delta out on 33 mile loop with an old family friend back in 96. That was a great hunt as I had moved from Delta and was living in Fairbanks at the time. Managed to come down on Fri night after getting off work just having two days to hunt then having to be back, really didn't think I had much of a chance with the short hunt and the season being halfway over at that point. Got up Sat morning to a nice early snow storm and everything covered in snow, then managed to stick my truck at the bottom of Muskeg hill like a newbie. Walked back to camp where my friend was, but he and his daughter had headed out the opposite direction scouting. Continued walking in their direction enjoying the sun coming up and the snow falling. Caught up with them as they were heading back to camp. Got in their truck and started riding back about halfway we spot two moose moving through an old burn. Pull the binos up and one is a spike/ fork. I get out and line up the cross hairs of the ole 30-06 and drop him in his tracks. Went up and dressed him then went back to camp for the four wheeler and drug him out and loaded him in the truck headed to camp. We then proceeded to pull my truck out and swap him over to it. Made it back to Fairbanks with a heavily loaded Bronco by 7 that night. One of my best hunting memories and shortest hunts.


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