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Thread: Murphy, STOP!

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    Exclamation Murphy, STOP!

    Don't be deleting posts! Snap out of it! It's not that bad right now, just give it till after hunting season when it's way below zero up there and guys are spending more time at the 'puter.

    I'm just getting into casting...haven't actually done it yet but I've collected most of what I need; furnace, dipper, ingot mold and several pistol bullet molds and a bunch of wheel weights too! Oh, and some lube and a resizing die for .44 and gas checks for .44 too. Whew!

    Any and all advice for a casting newb is welcome!

    Oh, I just picked up my Ruger No.1 .458 Win. yesterday! Real nice figure in the buttstock but I noticed when set next to the .450-400 that the blueing has a bit of a rust tint to it (when looked at with a bright light). I'm wondering if it was sitting around awhile before my dealer ordered it? The .400 has deep, dark blueing. No pitting on the .458, just a weird rusty tint to it.

    As soon as I get a chance, I'll try and post a pic of 'em together. Also, when I get some loads put together for the .458, I'll post the results...if they're not too embarassing!

    Murphy, if you're gonna delete posts, then you HAVE to write a book, deal?

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