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    I have a mod 92 in 218bee that my great uncle gave me years ago. The short version of its history it has killed everything in north america but buff and brown bear. My uncle was a goverment trapper for over 30 years and it was his go to rifle running trapline, and horseback. Well I have not used the old rifle for several years and figured it was time to let my boys use it for hunting fox and such this winter. Well we took it out the other day and sent a few rounds down range it hit right were it always has. But now for the kicker all the brass was bulged big time. Does it need to spend the rest of its days as a wall hanger? Or is there something else? Fireform all brass? Murphy Help!!!

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    Seems strange that it would start bulging the brass suddenly. What has changed? Could be the rifle, but I'm more suspicious of the ammo. Tell us more about the ammo used before and what you're using now so we can zero in a bit.


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