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Thread: Yukon 800 mods to water pump and prop?

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    Question Yukon 800 mods to water pump and prop?

    Does anyone on this board know about the modifications to the outboard motors on the Yukon 800 race boats?....particularly, the lowered intake for the water pump and the so-called "chop prop". Or who can I find that can give me expert advice?


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    They plug the top holes of the water intake on the lower unit so they can run a surface prop or chop prop which is made to break the surface of the water.

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    Default Yukon 800

    A nose cone is attached to the lower unit for water pick up, usually just forward of the skag and redirects the water (usually through an exterior hose from the forward cone) to the water intake line above the plugged stock intake. The props are surface drives. Most props are now solid hubs. It takes a few bends of the Tanana to get up to speed. From what I have seen on the Internet, the bigger bass type boats use this system. The racers all have thier secrets, but that is what I used. Pretty much. Bobs Machine Shop in Florida - I found them on the Internet.
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