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Thread: Resurrection Bay Fishing

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    Default Resurrection Bay Fishing

    I'm thinking about heading down to Seward this weekend to do some fishing. I know the silvers are in, but how about renting a skiff and heading out in the middle of the bay for halibut and/or rockfish? Never done that before. Is this realistic? Wouldn't mind catching a coupla chickens, lingcod,salmon, etc. Any advice?

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    Default Resurrection Bay?

    Anybody want to give away a hot spot for catching silvers inside the bay. Any REAL fishing advice on tactics or techniques that have been working would be appreciated. I have lot's of tricks for catching them in fresh water if someone wants to trade.

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    Default Skydiver

    Pretty much any of the rocky points or submerged rocky humps near the islands (hat, fox, etc..) should have rockfish around. Seem to find them almost anywhere there is good rocky cover. Salmon are where you find them. Not being cheeky but an honest statement.

    NO LING COD RETENTION inside the bay.

    I'm still trying to figure out a consistent area inside the bay to get Halibut. I know some folks go to Mary's Bay and others have fished in front of Bear Glacier (when I fished there all I got was Arrowtooth Flounder...yuck).

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    Skydiver: I don't know of any "hot" halibut holes inside the bay, and skiff rentals are pretty spendy on a hope/prayer. We used to catch a few rockfish a few miles beyond the jail where it starts getting cliffy.

    SalmonMan: From the beach we were always able to do well with herring, #5 Vibrax (both green and orange), and the baby rainbow patterned Krocodiles (1/2 - 5/8 oz.)

    The most productive spots were always off of the rocks, or, all the way out at the end of the Lowell Point beach. I preferred the rocks because the beach was always more crowded.

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    Default thanks for the info

    We just got back from a day of fishing in Seward. We went out to Pony Cove and caught halibut and rockfish. Not a single salmon. Did caught a bit of trolling on the way out and back. Looked like a few salmon were taken off of caines head.


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