Our airstrip in North Pole is having an Airstrip party this Saturday in the evening and I don't know if there is anyone here who lives on our airstrip, but we wanted to make the invite known... (even to the other North Polers at the Lakloey Airstrip, the Bradley Sky-Ranch Airport, Burgess Airstrip, and any others that are unmentioned here in our area (I know that there are two more!)
If you are interested in coming, you could feel free to fly on by land on the strip. The strip won't be closed during it and I believe that there will just be a whole lot of air talk.
Kids are welcome! I'll be playing tag, capture the flag, ultimate frizbee, and be taking a hike with the kids down some of the hidden sloughs during the BBQ.
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Chicken will be provided. Simple meats. Anything else, you will have to bring on your own and we will grill it!
By the way, I know that you guys are out there because I always see your ultralights and your SuperCubs flying and observing.
PM me if you plan to come and I'll give you the name of our Airstrip!