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    Default Food Weight

    I'll be fine on charter flight weight but I wonder if you think 29lbs for 24 meals (8 days) is reasonable. Only 3 of the meals (for 2 people) are MTN houses and I imagine we will bring quite a bit of food back (always do but best to have more than less). We plan on making camp close to our drop off and weight for this hunt is not an issue but I tried to minmize the weight and wonder how I did. The 29lbs is for two people so there are 48 meals total at 29lbs.

    Thanks for any comments.

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    Default pretty good

    I think that sounds right. I have 44 meals for 2 of us this year at 16lbs but most are mountain house.

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    Default Depends on what the food is, the people, and the work

    If it's dry, calorie dense food it should be adequate. Some people will be satisfied with it and some people might get a little hungry. If you're not a big eater you'll likely be fine if you've chosen well, but I bet you won't be gaining weight.

    I've found that 2 lbs of food per day is a reasonable goal for me when I'm backpacking. Again, dry foods, a reasonably balanced selection, calorie dense, a good variety and stuff I like.

    Based strictly on weight, you've kept your food load quite light.


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