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Thread: Gulkana this weekend?

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    Default Gulkana this weekend?

    How is the water level in the Gulkana? Too low?

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    Default Ie, will there be power boats on the water?

    What I should have said, is that I am a canoer and would like to know if the water levels are good for power boating or if I can expect many boats near Sourdough this weekend?

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    Just got back from rafting Paxson Lake to Sourdough a couple hours ago. Water is pretty low. When we pulled out at Sourdough there was a big airboat going in and he mentioned it being low. Ran into a guide in the canyon rafting and he said it was low also. We did drag the raft a long way I can tell you that. But it is a big cat and we were loaded heavy. Hope this helps.


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